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Re: halt(8) regression

Jared D. McNeill --> current-users (2008-01-03 21:48:36 -0500):
> Jukka Salmi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> currently (4.99.48) `shutdown -h' seems not to work: after
>>      The operating system has halted.
>>      Please press any key to reboot.
>> is printed, pressing any key does _not_ reboot the system (at least
>> not those two i386 systems I tried with, using both GENERIC and
>> GENERIC.NOACPI kernels). Furthermore, after powering off the system
>> manually and restarting it, RAID parity is dirty.
> My guess for the key press thing is that we've erroneously powered off  
> your keyboard controller on shutdown. Can you comment out the calls to  
> pmf_device_register in pckbc and wskbd?

Hmm, doesn't seem to help, I still see the problem with those calls
commented out...

Regards, Jukka

bashian roulette:
$ ((RANDOM%6)) || rm -rf ~

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