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Re: Color support for wsfb/Amiga

David Brownlee wrote Thu, 23 Jun 2022 11:00:47 +0100:
> > > P.S. With these wsfb changes the fake 1 bit depth hack can be removed
> > > from kernel side.
> Is it reasonable to leave it in as a compat for older X servers?

Unfortunately correct value there is needed by the X server to have
the color support (hack was to always report that the display only
supports monochrome.)

> It might be worth using another  wsdisplayio_fbinfo.fbi_flags bit
> to represent planarAfb, rather than checking WSDISPLAY_TYPE_AMIGACC
> (but even it it was, that doesn't block this commit in any way).

Yes, something to think about. I'm not sure if it's worth it adding new
bit just for Amiga.
> Actually it would have been nice if wsdisplayio_fbinfo had wstype, but
> it's probably not worth versioning it for that alone :)

Perhaps not.


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