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Re: Color support for wsfb/Amiga

(CC added to port-luna68k)

On 2022/06/23 1:26, Jukka Andberg wrote:
The wsfb driver has been working only in monochrome with Amiga
native graphics mode due to the driver not supporting the Amiga's
planar video memory format.

But actually I found out that there is a c2p routine [1] included
with xorg-server that works with shadowfb to convert the pixels into Amiga
planar format. Enabling it for 8-bit depth looks pretty simple. In
practice with this we could get 256 color mode on AGA chipsets.

For other depths I didn't have much success so it is still
monochrome for non-AGA. Performance is also not that great, but it
is somewhat usable.

Patch attached. Any thoughts before I commit?



P.S. With these wsfb changes the fake 1 bit depth hack can be removed
from kernel side.

Excellent! It works just fine on my A1200:

It would be great if we can support color X server on luna68k, which
also has "planer" framebuffer.

A minor concern: With your patch, WSDISPLAYIO_GTYPE ioctl becomes
mandatory even if the driver supports WSDISPLAYIO_GET_FBINFO. But,
we can probably find broken drivers during beta test for netbsd-10,
if such a driver is actually present/used ;)


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