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Re: Color support for wsfb/Amiga

Rin Okuyama wrote Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:05:13 +0900:
> Excellent! It works just fine on my A1200:

Good to hear, thanks for testing.
> It would be great if we can support color X server on luna68k, which
> also has "planer" framebuffer.

There is a variety of other planar conversion routines in the shadow
directory, maybe one of them would work.
> A minor concern: With your patch, WSDISPLAYIO_GTYPE ioctl becomes
> mandatory even if the driver supports WSDISPLAYIO_GET_FBINFO. But,
> we can probably find broken drivers during beta test for netbsd-10,
> if such a driver is actually present/used ;)

In my understanding WSDISPLAYIO_GTYPE was already mandatory since it
is called unconditionally from another place in the driver (WsfbScreenInit).


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