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On Fri, Jul 07, 2023 at 02:30:14PM +0100, David Brownlee wrote:
> drm/kms definitely is hugely complicated, overly Linux focussed, and
> difficult to maintain and update. A lot of effort has been put into
> getting it to run on NetBSD (and updating from previous versions), but
> it's currently the only viable game in town.

I also thing it is not *that* far away from working fine.

The releng wiki page lists a bunch of PRs against it, but those are mostly
hard to fix because the problem only happens on *some* hardware, and
sometimes only in special scenarios (e.g. serial console used and the
monitor powered on during drm/kms attaching).

That it all is a mess we probably all agree with.

And this will require more updates, every year - GPU hardware does
evolve, and available options change.

Using no drm/kms is a good alternative (and works great on NetBSD in general).
But you loose WebGL and sometimes accalerated video playback, and also
often support for mulitple displays (but that part might even be easy to fix).


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