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Re: debugging/tracing a setuid program

> [...] openat() [...].  It's detected by autoconf on the -6 chroot on
> -8 while -6 doesn't implement it.

As I wrote back on 2009-11-20 [%],

	such configuration scripts are [] very hard to sandbox (at best
	you end up configuring the software to run in the sandbox),

which is exactly what happened here.  The configure script worked as it
was designed to: it configured the software for the environment it was
running in.

It's one of the reasons I dislike the whole ./configure paradigm.

In the long term, the best solution I have is to stop using the damn
things (which unfortunately is difficult unless you're big enough for
you alone to make large-program authors sit up and take note or
quixotic enough to roll your own, either programs or build
infrastructure); in the short term, all I can say is, self-host,
self-host, self-host. :-(

Yet another of the problems I ascribe to the GNU people.

[%] in
case anyone wants to read the whole piece.

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