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Re: using gas/gld from devel/binutils

[Adding tech-userlevel for the base system questions]

For involved reasons, I patched lang/gcc8 to use gas/gld from devel/binutils 
(analogous to what is done to use gas on Solaris).

This makes lang/gcc8 fail to build, it segfaults (cc1 nil pointer reference 
in etc_set_father() calling et_splay(rmost) with rmost being NULL) during 
stage 2. This is reproducible on different hardware, under different NetBSD 
versions (-6 and -8), but all amd64.

Updating devel/binutils to pkgsrc-current doesn't help.

But downgrading devel/binutils to 2018Q1 (binutils 2.26.1) makes it work.

The next update in pkgsrc is to 2.34 (in 2020Q1), which fails.

It looks strange that GCC is unable to compile itself using GNU as and ld.

This is on NetBSD-8 and 2022Q4. Building lang/gcc8 with the base 
binutils (2.27) works.

What Version of binutils do -9, -10 and -current use? Are there patches in 
base that are missing in pkgsrc? 

Any other hints? I worked around it (with binutils 2.26.1, I can compile 
a set of packages including net/icinga2, which depends on devel/cmake and 
devel/boost-libs), but there seems to be a nasty bug lurking somewhere.

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