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Re: Interested in working on NetBSD project

On 2022-05-23 3:45 am, wrote:
Dear Christos,

I am Gagan Aryan, a senior year computer science undergraduate at IIT
Kanpur, India. I came across this project - Research and integrate the
static code analysers with the NetBSD codebase on the NetBSD site. I am
interested in working on the same. I realise that this was a GSoC project and the deadline is over. But, I would like to work on it nonetheless and
would be elated if you could mentor me.

I was a GSoC student in the previous year batch with the organisation
OpenAstronomy and am a mentor in this year of the program with the same
organisation. I take immense interest in systems and theoretical computer science and am interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the same. I have
done a few systems courses that I feel can come handy in this project,
some of which are - Compiler Design, Operating Systems and Software
Development and Operations. I had also taken up a research project in the past that aimed to come up with a way to estimate the time complexity of the programs from execution traces. I have interned at Y-Combinator-backed startups as well. A subset of the things I have worked on are available in
this one page resume -

Could you please give me a bit more context regarding the project and
possibly a few links or documents that I can get started with? I look
forward to hearing from you and work for NetBSD.

Dear Gagan,

Thank you for your interest in working for NetBSD. Unfortunately I am already overcommited both at work and with NetBSD and GSoC and I am not sure I will have enough time to undertake yet another project. Maybe there are other people in the project who can step in and help. If not, we can try to work together via email or here. I guess the first thing to do is to investigate the landscape of static analyzers. In the past we've used Coverity ( but we have not looked at this or ran a scan in quite some time. You can also look at Sonarqube ( and try to download and build it. There might
be others.



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