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Interested in working on NetBSD project

Dear Christos,

I am Gagan Aryan, a senior year computer science undergraduate at IIT
Kanpur, India. I came across this project - Research and integrate the
static code analysers with the NetBSD codebase on the NetBSD site. I am
interested in working on the same. I realise that this was a GSoC project
and the deadline is over. But, I would like to work on it nonetheless and
would be elated if you could mentor me.

I was a GSoC student in the previous year batch with the organisation
OpenAstronomy and am a mentor in this year of the program with the same
organisation. I take immense interest in systems and theoretical computer
science and am interested in pursuing doctoral studies in the same. I have
done a few systems courses that I feel can come handy in this project,
some of which are - Compiler Design, Operating Systems and Software
Development and Operations. I had also taken up a research project in the
past that aimed to come up with a way to estimate the time complexity of
the programs from execution traces. I have interned at Y-Combinator-backed
startups as well. A subset of the things I have worked on are available in
this one page resume -

Could you please give me a bit more context regarding the project and
possibly a few links or documents that I can get started with? I look
forward to hearing from you and work for NetBSD.

Gagan Aryan,
B.Tech CSE,
IIT Kanpur

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