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Re: Proposal: remove usr.bin/mkstr

> On Apr 9, 2022, at 8:49 AM, Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> wrote:
> Just stop suggesting removing things for no better reason than
> that you see no point keeping them.  If the existence of something
> which seems not to be all that necessary is being a roadblock
> to getting other work done, then by all means, request assistance,
> from which sometimes the solution might be to simply remove the
> roadblock -- other times a suitable alternative might be found.
> But while it is doing no harm, leave it alone.


I’m definitely guilty of asking for things to be removed, but in the case of my suggestions, it’s because their presence were actual impediments to progress (e.g. keeping round the Token Ring and FDDI code, which no one had apparently used in many years, was impeding progress on network stack improvements).

I’m all for keeping old stuff around.

-- thorpej

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