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Re: ZFS - mounting filesystems (Was CVS commit: src/etc)

Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> writes:

> So, add me to the list of people who'd like a "mount if possible"
> switch, with nothing more than a boot warning if some of them cannot
> be found at all, or have unfixable fsck issues.

Agreed - that would be great.

> I'd actually prefer even more - for most of those, if the filesystem
> isn't clean, and it isn't just a matter of "replay the log" to deal
> with it, I'd prefer that the filesys simply be skipped until the
> system is up multi-user, and then the necessary fsck fix be attempted
> while the system is carrying on with its real work, and if successful
> the mount be performed later (so some of that junk might be missing for
> a while after a boot following an unclean shutdown, but most of it
> will come back later).

That could be ok, or to complicated - if it's optional just leaving it
for the admin seems fine.

> Certainly all this can be accomplished by ad-hoc scripts, but it
> seems like something that many people actually would use, and we'd
> benefit if this was done in a standard way.

Well said.

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