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Re: inetd tests failing

On Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 04:24:23PM -0700, Arjun wrote:
> > My senior project group didn't get around to implementing
> > "pre-forking", so that should be interesting to implement! Here's what
> > Christos had
> > to say about it: "Means that once a preforked child is done you can
> > either wait(2) for it and end it or you can put it back of the list
> > of available processes so that it can handle more requests." It's kind
> > of a confusing concept to me!
> Yeah, it does seem confusing to actually implement.

It makes a lot of sense if the daemon is slow to start up and does not
keep state between requests - simply putting the daemon instance back on
the prefork queue saves time and load.  The apache http daemon has been doing
this for a long time...

Brett Lymn
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