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Re: inetd tests failing

> I think what's going on is you have the current version of inetd installed on
> your machine, which is what the test cases run
What do you mean by “current”? 

> You'll have to go to the usr.sbin/inetd source directory and do "make install”,
> which will replace the program that's installed (and runs at startup on your
> NetBSD machine) with the newer version. The ATF tests are intended to
> test the current system, instead of the source code, unfortunately, so
> that's why the program has to be installed (and you can see that I'm
> calling posix_spawn with program argument "inetd" (as in the one
> that's on the PATH of the system).
Oh okay. Shall I get it from the current development branch or the stable branch?
I’m not quite sure which one has the new inetd.

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