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master.passwd(5) questions


I am looking at augmenting the linux-style 'shadow' map generation in /var/yp/Makefile.yp.

In this context:

(1) The 'change' field in master.passwd can either be empty[*] (no passwd aging), hold a maximum passwd age, or hold '-1', forcing the user to set a new password during their next login[**].

If set to '-1', who changes this value after a password update, and to what value?

(2) master.passwd(5) says

"If either of the change or expire fields are set, the system will remind the user of the impending change or expiry if they login within a configurable period (defaulting to 14 days) before the event."

Where is this 'configurable period' being set? I guess the man page should say?


* What about the value '0'?
** How does that work with the various X11 display managers, btw?

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