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Re: master.passwd(5) questions

In article <>,
Hauke Fath  <> wrote:
>I am looking at augmenting the linux-style 'shadow' map generation in 
>In this context:
>(1) The 'change' field in master.passwd can either be empty[*] (no 
>passwd aging), hold a maximum passwd age, or hold '-1', forcing the user 
>to set a new password during their next login[**].
>If set to '-1', who changes this value after a password update, and to 
>what value?

It is handled in login login.c and openssh auth.c. login invokes chpass
and chpass handles it; it is set to the current time. openssh does not let
the user login.

>(2) master.passwd(5) says
>"If either of the change or expire fields are set, the system will 
>remind the user of the impending change or expiry if they login within a 
>configurable period (defaulting to 14 days) before the event."
>Where is this 'configurable period' being set? I guess the man page 
>should say?

It is set in login_cap and documented in login.conf as "password-warn".



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