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Re: mixerctl with no args

Robert Elz wrote:
> I totally agree, and if you know a rational way that a shell script
> (which is what the test is) can determine "no audio" I'll happily
> change it that way.

How about the following command?

  (</dev/audio0) 2>/dev/null

This should yield a zero exit status iff /dev/audio0 can be opened
for reading.

> I don't think that's really a big problem.  Sure, they will fail then, but
> whoever is running the tests then presumably looks at the results, sees it
> is an audio related test that failed, thinks "this system doesn't have audio",
> and simply ignores the failure.

This is not just about people running tests, but anyone viewing public
test reports.  For example, the mixerctl test is failing here:

and I would prefer that it didn't.  If nothing else, it clutters the test
reports and distracts from others, potentially more important issues.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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