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Re: mixerctl with no args

Robert Elz wrote:
> I noticed that the b5 mixerctl tests fail - seems to be because the
> qemu kernel the tests are run under has no audio (and hence any open
> of /dev/mixer* fails).   That's fine, and I can (and am in the process
> of) cause the tests that will fail to simply be skipped when running
> under qemu.

The criterion for skipping the tests should be "no audio", not
"running under qemu" - otherwise they will still fail on real hardware
that lacks audio devices.

> But one of the tests just runs
> 	mixerctl
> and expects to see the usage message.   In a "normal" system that's
> what happens, but it only happens after /dev/mixer (or whatever) has
> been opened - which fails under qemu, causing the test to fail.
> Is the general feeling that this is OK, and this test (which doesn't really
> need the mixer at all) should also be skipped on qemu, or should mixerctl
> be fixed to detect this case and give the usage without attempting to
> open the mixer device?

I think mixerctl should be fixed, at least for the case where there
are no arguments.  I don't have an opinion on the "mixerctl -d
/dev/mixer2" case.

Looks like the problem doesn't occur on amd64 because it has
"pseudo-device pad" in GENERIC.  I wonder why i386 doesn't.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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