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Re: setlocale

> 'the empty string "" which denotes the native environment'

> This is probably a case where you read the right thing from the docs
> if you know the answer anyway, but don't if you don't.

Sounds like it to me.

> Maybe you should propose a re-phrase of that (plus the other missing
> bits) that you suppose would have answered the question for you.

I'll try to come up with a clearer rewording.

>> /usr/src/share/locale.  Now that I've discovered it.
> Oh, I assumed anyone knew about that.  Probably another candidate for
> adding "see also" references.

That would have helped, yes.  A SEE ALSO to locale(1) might also be a
good idea; I didn't know locale(1) existed until someone (Ken
Hornstein, I think it was) mentioned "locale -a" in this thiread.

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