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setlocale (was: curses vs non-ASCII)

That's odd. If you didn't call setlocale() at all, the C library should 
have been using the "C" locale, which doesn't have multi-byte characters. 
Does some library you linked in call setlocale()?

> 0x80-0x9f octets also being treated as single-octet printables.
I dimly remember that (at least in ncursesw) there may have been some 
additional magic handling 00-1F and 80-9F.

> Are these two things - (a) that setlocale() has to be called for the
> environment to be recognized and (b) that "" is magic to make it pick
> up the environment - documented anywhere?
man 3 setlocale.

> Is there any documentation on what strings can be put in $LANG et al?
man 7 nls.

> Is there any documentation for someone wanting to create a locale?
man 1 mklocale.

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