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Re: strsuftoi(3), strsuftou(3) proposal in libc

On 02/11/15 18:43, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
>> It's already done - libnbcompat in pkgsrc. Just write your program
>> with NetBSD libc API and use libnbcompat for whatever POSIX-like
>> platform. This is how I'm doing it - no big magic.
> Interesting; I'd seen references to libnbcompat, but I had assumed it
> was just something to make the pkgsrc bootstrap portable.  I didn't know
> it was intended to be used in this way.  Thanks!
> However, if libnbcompat already exists, then what is the libc extensions
> library Jan Danielsson was referring to?  How is that different from
> libnbcompat?

   They may be the same -- I'm roughly in the same situation as you; I
thought libnbcompat was more or less strictly a pkgsrc-thing.

   In QNX (base system) there's a libnbutil which I used to get
asprintf() and a few other common libc extensions.  I haven't checked,
but if libnbutil and libnbcompat are the same libraries with different
names, then it'll seem that old thread did lead somewhere and I'll be
very happy.

Kind Regards,

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