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Re: strsuftoi(3), strsuftou(3) proposal in libc

On 10/28/15 9:41 PM, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
> The code checking for overflows in multiplication is quite
> complicated, I'm attaching just the comments to follow the algorithm:

Hi, Kamil.

You probably don't want to fix typos in the existing comments (i.e.
src/lib/libutil/login_cap.c), but here are three minor corrections if
you (or anyone else) want to fix them:

>         /*
>          * First check the magnitude of each number.  If the sum of the
>          * magnatude is way to high, reject the number.  (If this test
>          * is not done then the first multiply below may overflow.)
>          */

* "magnatude" -> "magnitude"

* "way to high" -> "too high"

>          * Finally, if MAX - ((h1 * l2) + (l1 * h2) + (l1 * l2))<(h1*h2)
>          * then adding in residual amout will cause an overflow.

* "amout" -> "amount"



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