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Re: strsuftoi(3), strsuftou(3) proposal in libc

On 30/10/15 00:00, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> Do you think libutil(3) might be a better place? There are already
>> similar string functions, strpct(3) and strspct(3) (decimal percent
>> formatters).
> I think it's better to keep stuff out of libc unless it's specified by
> c99 or posix.
> The question is then under which circumstances users can reasonbly use
> this; portable code can't use non-standard functions.

   I recall some discussion (on this list, I think) years ago on the
topic of creating a libc extensions library which was specifically meant
for becoming a portability library for common libc extensions.  As I
remember it, it was one of those discussions where there was pretty much
uniform consensus that it was a good idea, but I think the discussion
started to fade away when someone brought up maintainability of such a
library (keeping it in-tree, but at the same time keeping it as a
separate project).

   Perhaps it's time to revisit this idea?

Kind Regards,

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