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Re: Update fo Lua in base, and pkgsrc modules


From: Marc Balmer <>, Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 21:31:33 

> Bonsoir,
>> I am playing with Lua nowadays.
>> And I have found current's Lua in base (version 5.1.5) lacks
>> bitwise operations.
>> Is there a plan to import newer Lua 5.2 into base?
> Yes.

Thank you.

>> 5.2 has bitwise operation for example (AND operation) and so on.
>> And Lua in NetBSD base is not recognized as builtin version of Lua
>> from pkgsrc/lang/lua.
> That is on purpose.
>> If I understand correctly, this is caused from Lua in base does not
>> detect modules from pkgsrc (for example, pkgsrc/devel/lua-lrexlib-pcre).
>> What is the best way to use Lua in base as builtin version of
>> pkgsrc/lang/lua?
> You can always set the patch from where Lua loads modules. There was 
> consensus that the version in base should not conflict with the version in 
> pkgsrc.
> And there is another subtle difference:  Lua in base does not load modules 
> from '.'
> I am preparing a move of Lua from src/external/mit/lua to 
> src/sys/external/mit/lua and to enable the lua(4) device so that Lua can be 
> used in the kernel.
> Once all this is done, I'd say it's time to upgrade Lua to 5.2.
> Is that OK for you?

Thanks for your comment.
I understand Lua in base is not recognized as builtin version of
pkgsrc/lang/lua intentionally.

I suspect everyone completely forget to set something, but now I
hear current situation is intentional. And I understand.

Thank you again.

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