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Re: Update fo Lua in base, and pkgsrc modules


> I am playing with Lua nowadays.
> And I have found current's Lua in base (version 5.1.5) lacks
> bitwise operations.
> Is there a plan to import newer Lua 5.2 into base?


> 5.2 has bitwise operation for example (AND operation) and so on.
> And Lua in NetBSD base is not recognized as builtin version of Lua
> from pkgsrc/lang/lua.

That is on purpose.

> If I understand correctly, this is caused from Lua in base does not
> detect modules from pkgsrc (for example, pkgsrc/devel/lua-lrexlib-pcre).
> What is the best way to use Lua in base as builtin version of
> pkgsrc/lang/lua?

You can always set the patch from where Lua loads modules. There was consensus 
that the version in base should not conflict with the version in pkgsrc.

And there is another subtle difference:  Lua in base does not load modules from 

I am preparing a move of Lua from src/external/mit/lua to 
src/sys/external/mit/lua and to enable the lua(4) device so that Lua can be 
used in the kernel.

Once all this is done, I'd say it's time to upgrade Lua to 5.2.

Is that OK for you?

- Marc

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