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Re: proplib and the jet age

> Let me add another option here:  Lua could be used just for that.  Lua has 
> been designed as a data description language, a fact that is obvious when you 
> look at it's fine syntax for defining tables and structuring data in general. 
>   Its easy to generate and easy to process and has far less overhead that 
> e.g. XML.

There is a lot discussion ongoing, and IMO some FUD about Lua is being spread 
as well.

Please keep one thing in mind:  I do _NOT_ suggest that Lua should be used 
everywhere or that other options like e.g. JSON should _NOT_ be used.  Much to 
the contrary.  Everyone should use whatever he is comfortable with.  For some 
that could be Lua, for some that could be JSON, for some that could be lex/yacc 
and their own format.

I don't even think proplib is that bad that it absolutely has to be removed...  
Every bad API can be improved, if needed..;)

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