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Re: proplib and the jet age

I think there is a serious misunderstanding going on in this thread and two
things (at least) are intermixed.

David's original proposal mentions configuration files as a side note and
talks about data transfer formats elsewhere.

Given that .plist format is completely unusuable as a configuration file
format, most of the discussion here is off topic. The .plist format is
only usefull as persistent storage format (think of a cache) when tools
have a UI for configuration otherwise. For example the bluetooth code
uses proplib this ways - and it is fine.

You are talking about .ini/.rc like configuration files, where proplib is not
involved at all. Using lua in those is certainly a valid option.

Now for the data transfer representation, as in David's proposal, JSON
is an option, but LUA is not, simply because we have no (and there can
not be any) small C binding to it.


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