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Re: Adding openresolv to base

David Holland wrote:
 > All of what you both want is possible with resolvconf :)

Yes, but the system needs to be set up to work in one specific way.

How is setting up resolvconf different from setting up your proposed
libc changes? Or am I mis-understanding you here ...

 > resolvconf keeps a copy of each resolv.conf given to it in
 > /var/run/resolvconf/interfaces stored by interface name. Of course, the
 > interface name could be any name, just as long as it's unique.

That sounds kind of messy, but I suppose it has to keep something
somewhere. Seems like it shouldn't necessarily be /var/run though.

The state needs to be cleaned when then system moves from single user ->
multi user. Otherwise you have resolv.conf from interfaces currently
"down". Any other approach requires a script in /etc/rc.d to clean it.
Whilst a perfectly acceptable solution it also makes it a lot harder to
cleanly integrate as it's something else that needs to be setup.

 > Both of you seemed to imply that you are happy with the resolvconf
 > interface though. Is this the case? Any libc updates can always take
 > place at a later date.

I don't recall noticing any obvious problems with it.

But I disagree on the last part; the whole thing should be rolled out
at once.

Why? All the libc changes proposed thus far simply move the logic from the resolvconf libc subscriber into libc itself. Or are you proposing that only the libc part is imported and the named and dnsmasq subscribers are dropped?



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