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Re: Adding openresolv to base

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 06:09:34PM +0100, Roy Marples wrote:
 > > While I've also been bitten by this, I personally think creating
 > > another active resolv.conf would create confusion instead of solving
 > > very much pain.
 > > 
 > > /var/run/resolv.conf.$DATE as an auto-magic backup of /etc/resolv.conf
 > > whenever resolv.conf was changed would be more useful, in my opnion.

Look in /var/backups/etc.

 > > Even an /etc/resolv.local would be less confusing than
 > > /etc/resolv.conf + /var/run/resolv.conf (+
 > > /usr/pkg/var/run/resolv.conf? + ... ?)

I don't see that there's any confusion, since the master file would be
pointing to the automatically maintained subsidiary one.

 > All of what you both want is possible with resolvconf :)

Yes, but the system needs to be set up to work in one specific way.

 > resolvconf keeps a copy of each resolv.conf given to it in
 > /var/run/resolvconf/interfaces stored by interface name. Of course, the
 > interface name could be any name, just as long as it's unique.

That sounds kind of messy, but I suppose it has to keep something
somewhere. Seems like it shouldn't necessarily be /var/run though.

 > Both of you seemed to imply that you are happy with the resolvconf
 > interface though. Is this the case? Any libc updates can always take
 > place at a later date.

I don't recall noticing any obvious problems with it.

But I disagree on the last part; the whole thing should be rolled out
at once.

David A. Holland

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