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Re: Google SoC Proposal Ideas

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 10:50:55AM +0100, Adam Hamsik wrote:
> Hello,
> >Another good looking idea is the file resizer utility. Both the  
> >utility and the project look interesting. It does call for a  
> >regression test suite, but I've never developed anyting more than  
> >simple tests for my programs and don't know how involved that would  
> >be.
> I think that this is most valuable project we need reliable file- 
> system resizer with LVM in base system. Ability
> to grow file system in online mode is crucial feature for LVM.

I don't think that having to unmount a file system, resize it, and
mount it again is viable these days - we need file systems that can
grow and shrink whilst still mounted.


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