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Re: panic: init died (signal 0, exit 12) during booting

>> I am trying to bring up NetBSD-5_RC2 on an ARM based platform (upto
>> serial console). Currently I am using ramdisk as the root file system
>> and Cygwin as the development host.
>init exits with result code 12 when it cannot run MAKEDEV.
>Are your userland and kernel of the same version?  If not, you may need
>to add COMPAT_ options to your kernel configuration.  I have seen init
>exit 12 precisely for that reason.

It's probably due to a -current userland being run against a 5.0-based
kernel (I built the ramdisk for him; he said that he wanted a -current
ramdisk, even though I cautioned him that it might not work).  I'll
build you a 5.0-based ramdisk when I get a chance to work on it tonight,
but perhaps some time being spent debugging the ramdisk build problem
on Cygwin might be worthwhile?


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