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Re: Making the keyboard work

At Fri, 20 Feb 2009 18:35:53 +0000, Roy Marples wrote:
Subject: Making the keyboard work
> Luckily this is easily fixable. We should stop trying to make wscons
> pretend it's a vt220 by changing /etc/ttys. The correct entry is of
> course wsvt25. Changing it also has the added benefit of adding colour
> to the console.

That is indeed the correct first step.  I did it for myself a LONG time ago.

> After much discussion on ICB about it, the only argument against this
> seems to be that wsvt25 isn't known on other systems, so remote shells
> will break.

Well, first off, anyone more unix-aware than a fruit fly should
understand how to set TERMCAP (or TERMINFO, as the case may be) on
remote systems to describe the capabilities of the type of terminal they
are using to the applications they might run on the remote system.

Secondly users of "screen" get terminal translation for free, and I'm
sure many folks would say anyone accessing remote systems where they
should probably be using "screen" on the remote system all the time in
the first place in order to avoid loss of their session should they be
disconnected due to communications problems.

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