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Re: Making the keyboard work

On Fri, 2009-02-20 at 22:50 +0200, Alan Barrett wrote:
> There are two obvious approaches:
> 1) (a) Leave the behaviour of wscons unchanged, (b) ensure that the
>    master termcap/terminfo entries for wsvt25 describes the behaviour
>    accurately, (c) ensure that all usable remote systems have the
>    correct termcap/terminfo definitions, and (d) use TERM=wsvt25
>    everywhere.

This is the best option because the behaviour of the terminal should
then match the described behaviour via termcap.

> 2) (a) Change the behaviour of wscons to match a well-known terminal
>    type, such as xterm-color, (b) assume that suitable termcap/terminfo
>    entries are already suitably widespread, and (d) use TERM=xterm-color
>    (or other suitable value) everywhere.

Can wscons match all the described behaviour of an xterm-color?
Is xterm-color consistent across platforms? There was some debate about

> Option 1 requires no kernel changes, but many changes to third party
> systems.
> Option 2 requires kernel changes, but no changes to external systems.
> I recommend option 2: change wscons to behave like xterm-color (or some
> other suitable well-known terminal type).  However, I won't be doing the
> work.

I'm personally for option 1 as it's a more accurate description of what
wscons is now and a lot of third party systems already know about it.



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