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Making the keyboard work

So, it's a bit quiet now that the simple editor thread as died down. So
lets stir things up some more :)

Having an easy to use editor in base would be nice, but wouldn't having
a fully working keyboard be better? Infact, editing files isn't that
great when your home/end keys don't work. What's more, I find it
embarassing that in this day and age it doesn't work. Can you really
take an OS seriously when something as basic as the keyboard doesn't
work as it should?

Luckily this is easily fixable. We should stop trying to make wscons
pretend it's a vt220 by changing /etc/ttys. The correct entry is of
course wsvt25. Changing it also has the added benefit of adding colour
to the console.

After much discussion on ICB about it, the only argument against this
seems to be that wsvt25 isn't known on other systems, so remote shells
will break. The only modern system I can find that doesn't support
wsvt25 as a TERM right now is FreeBSD, but I'm sure if we asked them
nicely they could add it to their termcap. For other systems, the user
can always type "TERM=vt220 ssh" if the remote admin and/or
upstream won't add wsvt25.

So which is more important - a working keyboard with a colour screen
that works with recent remote systems or a broken keyboard with a mono
screen that sort of works with systems that support vt220 but not




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