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Re: Easier way to track a stable branch

On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 6:39 AM, Hubert Feyrer <> 
> On Sat, 3 Jan 2009, matthew sporleder wrote:
>> Thanks for looking and let me know if this is interesting to anyone,
> Now some way to create such a patch between two NetBSD releases would be
> nice,

I'm pretty close to having a command where you can say:
./ olddistdir newdistdir  And get a package as described
earlier.  The build seem to produce the same checksums so I just have
to filter out the time= field.  I'm not sure how to keep diff from
showing shifts in line numbers, so I'll keep working on it.  Any tips
on diff(1) would be great.  :)  Otherwise I'll have to do it

(diff <(awk '{ $6=""; print $0 }' set.text) <(awk '{ $6=""; print $0
}' set.text)

> and possibly a way to backout one patch, and possibly roll back
> several patches. I.e. when you update from X to Y to Z to go back from Z to
> Y and then to Z (or figure out the steps from Z to X for one step).

One patch should be pretty easy.  Following an order/backing out many
implies a dependency path, which I'm not sure how to accomplish with
simplicity yet.

> ISTR Elat used to work on something similar, but I don't know what the
> status of this is.


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