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Easier way to track a stable branch

Hi, I've often found that tracking a stable branch of NetBSD to be
more difficult than it should be, so this afternoon I threw together a
shell script that could help.

The basic functionality is:
take a PATCH.tar.gz file containing all the updated files and a file
called 'set.PATCH',

make a /etc/mtree/PATCH_backup/ directory and copy the paths found in
set.PATCH there,

create a file called /etc/mtree/PATCH_backup/backup_files.mtree with
all of the existing mtree entries from /etc/mtree/set.*,

remove the existing mtree entries from /etc/mtree/set.*,

extract set.PATCH to /etc/mtree/,

extract the files from PATCH.tar.gz into /

This should allow easier tracking of a stable branch, easy backouts of
any updates, and the ability to distribute much smaller updates files
to people just doing updates.  :)

The script is attached and currently lacks error checking, the backout
function, and a bunch of other stuff that it should have.

Thanks for looking and let me know if this is interesting to anyone,

Description: Bourne shell script

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