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Re: cgd (encrypted disk) support in bootblocks (Was: summer of code - scrub feature)

Thor Lancelot Simon, 03/23/09 20:51:
On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 07:23:00PM +0200, Cem Kayali wrote:
'I think' auto-configured (or enabled as option by default while installing), CGD or similar encrypted partitions is not allowed by US laws... It should be done manually.
Can you please explain why you believe that?

If you don't have any rational basis for believing it, could you please be
more careful when making similar claims in the future?

I see these strange quote marks around 'I think' in your text.  I'm not
sure what they're meant to indicate, but if they are meant to indicate
that you are advocating that other people do things on the basis of a claim
whose truth value even you are highly skeptical of, perhaps you should try
to avoid making such claims.  If that's not what they're meant to indicate,
I do not know what they mean and I wish you would be more clear.


I said 'I think' because i read somewhere that neither FreeBSD nor NetBSD can offer disk encryption by default. "By default" means, easy to setup via ie; sysinstall or install disk.

I need to get help from Google to find it again. Untill that - ignore then.


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