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mozilla rootcerts in base


Hope you people don't mind a stupid question.

I've noticed riastradh@ has added mozilla-rootcerts to base.
So, I've rm -r /etc/openssl and upgraded the base system.

~ > uname -a
NetBSD mybox 10.99.7 NetBSD 10.99.7 (GENERIC) #0: Mon Aug 28 11:12:42 UTC 2023 amd64

I can see the rootcerts are installed
~ > ls /etc/openssl/
drwxr-xr-x root wheel 9.0 KB Tue Aug 29 09:56:03 2023  certs
.r--r--r-- root wheel 373 B  Mon Aug 28 13:12:42 2023  certs.conf
drwxr-xr-x root wheel 512 B  Mon Aug 28 13:12:42 2023  misc
drwx------ root wheel 512 B  Mon Aug 28 13:12:42 2023  private

So, I thought I could simply remove the mozilla-rootcerts package but, it's not that simple :(

~ > pkgin rm mozilla-rootcerts
23 packages to delete:
  qt5-qtwebsockets-5.15.10 qt5-qtwebchannel-5.15.10 qt5-qtmultimedia-5.15.10 qt5-qtdeclarative-5.15.10nb1 qt5-qtx11extras-5.15.10 simp-3.4.0 featherpad-1.4.1 qt5-qtsensors-5.15.10
  qt5-qtxmlpatterns-5.15.10 qt5-qtserialport-5.15.10 qt5-qtlocation-5.15.10 qt5ct-1.7nb3 qt5-qtsvg-5.15.10 qt5-qttools-5.15.10 xpdf-4.04nb8 qt5-qtbase-5.15.10 gtk3+-3.24.38nb1
  firefox-116.0.3 ffmpeg6-6.0nb1 libcups-2.4.6nb1 gnutls-3.8.1 p11-kit-0.25.0 mozilla-rootcerts-1.0.20230720

proceed ? [Y/n] n

Shouldn't pkgsrc know about the change and allow the removable of mozilla-rootcerts without removing all packages depending on it?


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