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sysutils/u-boot-tools package

I am working on a sysutils/u-boot-tools package for some of the tools linux uses to manipulate u-boot images.  For example, the boot.scr script required to boot some arm boards can be created with mkimage.

A few questions:

- The two tools currently in the package are mkimage and dumpimage (a few others could be added if warranted).  These seem like very generic names, and I’m pretty certain the former conflicts with a NetBSD program of the same name.  Should these names be kept?  Should they be renamed?  If so, to what?  Would uboot-mkimage and uboot-dumpimage (or similar) make sense?  Would that be confusing?  Should they be in their own directory, rather than in bin?

- As with other u-boot packages, this requires a cross-compiler (I’ve chosen arm arbitrarily), even though the tools themselves are compiled with a native compiler.  I have yet to find a workaround.  The fallout is that ${INSTALL_BIN} does not work to install the programs, because the image type (i.e., based upon the host) does not match the target (i.e., based upon the cross compiler).  I am opting to install with ${CP} instead.  Is there a better solution?

I would appreciate input before I commit the package.

Thanks a lot.


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