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Re: Building pkgsrc with gcc12 using pkg_rolling-replace

Brook Milligan <> writes:

>> On Dec 22, 2022, at 1:57 PM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>> pkg_rr I am pretty sure  just does make show-depends.  I would run that
>> on those three and see what's happening.
> I have run “make show-depends” on the packages that show up in the
> cycles (which seem to include at least cwrappers, gsed, perl, digest,
> gcc12, gmake).  Only gcc12 lists a dependency, which is gsed.
> I am not seeing a cycle in this, but pkg_rolling-replace routinely reports one.
> Any thoughts?

pkg_rr is in sh and it should be pretty easy to instrument it to figure
out where it's coming from.

But before doing that, redo show-depends with the other two flavors, as
pkg_-rr does:

        bdeps=$(/usr/bin/env ${MAKE_SET_VARS} ${MAKE} show-depends VARNAME=BUILD_DEPENDS)
        tdeps=$(/usr/bin/env ${MAKE_SET_VARS} ${MAKE} show-depends VARNAME=TOOL_DEPENDS)
        rdeps=$(/usr/bin/env ${MAKE_SET_VARS} ${MAKE} show-depends)

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