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Re: pkgsrc firefox91 - rust-fu needed for borrowed value

> trying to select
> multiple lines in the editor and moving them a few lines down relatively
> reproducably hangs firefox for me.

It works better if you select from the end of the section and go up.
Firefox-105 doesn't freeze om amd64 NetBSD-9.99.108.

> > Which web applications in particular?
> > On any particular platforms or all of them?
> > Thomas
> It's noticable with Mastodon, Telegram, and Slack. Anything with
> a persistent conncetion - perhaps anything using a service worker.
> The same problem exists on FreeBSD for Slack IME.

Been running Matrix element for hours now without any issue (also firefox-105 amd64, 9.99.108
Telegram and Slack are a no go here and I haven't tried Mastodon in ages.
No longer have an account.

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