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Re: ccache fails to build NetBSD 9/amd64

>>>> I think ccache has to work on most platforms, without dragging in new
>>>> compilers, except that maybe NetBSD 8 is at the point of
>>>> not-really-supported-at-all.
>> [..]
>>> It needs GCC>=8, c99, and c++17. Fixed.
>> That makes the pkg a serious pain on netbsd-9.
>> It should be downgraded, fixed, or versioned.
> Agreed, that's not really "fixed", and this upgrade should have been
> discussed.
> In particular, ccache is needed most on slower machines which are less
> likely to be able to cope with requirements for shiny c++.
> Of course the real bug is upstream; those are not reasonable
> requirements (well c99 is fine) for a tool like this.
> Please revert, and feel free to add devel/ccache4 with the new version.

For me it builds fine on NetBSD-9 and works like a charm.

Anyway, I've resurrected version 3 under devel/ccache3.

Enjoy :)

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