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Re: make php to multi package

* On 2022-11-10 at 15:45 GMT, Takahiro Kambe wrote:

Currently, lang/php{56,74,80,81} packages cannot be installed at the
same time.  It was reasonable when using PHP as apache http server's
loadble module (ap-php).

But using php-fpm, multiple version of PHP could be usable at the same

I modified lang/php's frameworks to make php as multi-packages.

	lang/php56	=>	php56-5.6.40
	lang/php74	=>	php74-7.4.33
	lang/php80	=>	php80-8.0.25
	lang/php81	=>	php81-8.1.12

I've worked in my private pkgsrc tree and most of packages are now
built successfully.  Here is current diff against pkgsrc head.

To do:

1. I don't run real web server yet, so require run time test.
2. Make more clean up to lang/php frameworks.

Any comment?

It's quite difficult to review as there are so many different patchsets combined into one. That said all the changes I looked at made sense.

I'd suggest splitting them into separate patches for the php multi version, the cleanups, and the REPLACE_PHP bits, and then commit them so that we have some time to fix up any fallout prior to 2022Q4.

Thanks for working on this!

Jonathan Perkin   -   -
Open Source Complete Cloud

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