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Re: armv6 support for rust?

John Klos <> writes:

>>> I'm currently trying to install the rust-bin package an an
>>> armv6hf VM I have up & running, but it's taking a while, so so
>>> far this is un-tested "natively".
>> Thank you. Are you using an armv6 kernel? I'm surprised it's
>> possible to virtualize.
> I'm not familiar with the detailed differences between earmv6 and earmv7, 
> but I haven't heard of anything like the issues with missing instructions 
> when trying to run earmv4 / earmv5 on earmv7.
> While I hope the virtualization matches real earmv6 hardware, I'd be happy 
> to test rust and rust-built executables on a real earmv6hf system.
> John

In this message:

I mention a way to create a earmv6hf environment with QEMU.  Technically
the kernel used is armv7, but compiled in the same manor as one would do
with a Raspberry PI 2 (i.e. the RPI2 kernel which you can compile the
with the armv6 toolchain which tells gcc that it is for cpu cortex-a7
with fpu neon) with the intent of running earmv6hf userland.  The
compiler used in the resulting image is for armv6 and the kernel reports
armv6 as the platform.  This is the closest one can get in QEMU for
NetBSD.  QEMU with Linux, apparently, has the ability to directly boot
some kernel8.img (as they call it) kernels in a QEMU Raspberry PI
machine.  It isn't clear to me that armv6 is included in that method and
it doesn't appear to work with NetBSD kernels in any case.

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS -

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