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Supporting newer platforms

pbulk fails on aarch64eb:

checking build system type... Invalid configuration `aarch64eb-unknown-netbsd9.99': machine `aarch64eb-unknown' not recognized

Any reason we shouldn't fetch the latest config.sub and config.guess and update all of them in pkgsrc?


Then we have the usual "/usr/bin/awk: no program filename" issue:

=> Checking for RELRO in digest-20220214
: commands for target _check-relro; set -x; set -e; rm -f /tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.error/_ch
+ set -e
+ rm -f /tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.error/_check-relro
: commands for target _check-relro; set -x; set -e; cd /tmp/obj-pbu lk/pkgtools/digest/work/.destdir/usr/pbulk; /usr/bin/sed -e '/^@/d' /tmp
/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.PLIST |             (while read file; do
test -h "$file" || echo "$file"; done) | /usr/bin/egrep -h \(bin/\|sbin/\|libexec/\|\\.so\$\|lib/lib.\*\\.so\) | while read file; do case "$file" in *) ;; esac; echo $file; done | /usr/bin/env CROSS_DESTDIR= PKG_INFO_CMD=/usr/ pbulk/sbin/pkg_info\ -K\ /usr/pbulk/pkgdb DEPENDS_FILE=/tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.rrdepends DE STDIR=/tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.destdir WRKDIR=/tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work /usr/bin/a
wk -f  > /tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.error/_check-relro
+ set -e
+ cd /tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.destdir/usr/pbulk
+ /usr/bin/sed -e '/^@/d' /tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.PLIST
+ read file
+ + read file
/usr/bin/egrep -h '(bin/|sbin/|libexec/|\.so$|lib/lib.*\.so)'
+ /usr/bin/env CROSS_DESTDIR= 'PKG_INFO_CMD=/usr/pbulk/sbin/pkg_info -K /usr/pbulk/pkgdb' DEPENDS_FILE=/ tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.rrdepends DESTDIR=/tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work/.destdir WRKDI R=/tmp/obj-pbulk/pkgtools/digest/work /usr/bin/awk -f
+ test -h bin/digest
+ echo bin/digest
+ read file
+ test -h man/man1/digest.1
+ echo man/man1/digest.1
+ read file
+ echo bin/digest
+ read file
/usr/bin/awk: no program filename

I think this is still related to this:


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