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Re: Skip building the test programs in parallel/threadingbuildingblocks

Charlotte Koch <> writes:

> On Thu, 11 Aug 2022, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
>>> From: Charlotte Koch <>
>>> So, I think we can speed up the build significantly in the typical use
>>> case by building the test programs iff we want to run the tests in the
>>> first place. What do we think of my diff (attached) ?
>> How much time is saved?  What is the fraction of the build time?
> In this specific case, the time saved is substantial:
> WITHOUT the patch: 1482.64 real      5349.65 user       339.51 sys
> WITH the patch:
> 53.80 real       106.20 user        18.05 sys
> (Built on an unimpressive T440)
> It's probably an outlier -- on the average, I doubt we'd see savings
> this dramatic.


I wonder if it is possible to adjust the CMakeFiles so that this happens
if you run make test, and not if you don't.  My impression is that a
bunch of packages build tests on demand, but the one that comes
specifically to mind is autotools.  I would expect upstream would want
to do this, but if they are installing tests, maybe not.

If they are installing tests, I wonder if there is a script for the user
to run the tests against the installed version in their environment.
Maybe if they think that's critical, it's worth it.

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