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Re: Enable unsupported deve/hdf5 like others?

Am 2. August 2022 12:02:20 MESZ schrieb Greg Troxel <>:
>  reasonable threadsafe options is so 1990.

I'm curious: In libmpg123, I made the choice to have the user be responsible for any locking, but confine all mutable state to the handle. So it's not threadsafe if you access the same handle concurrently, but it is with differing handles. Does that count as reasonable?

The situation with hdf5 seems to be more complicated... or the users are not thinking about serializing things where necessary.

>so therefore I lean to hdf5 also having an "unsafe-threads" option that
>does the unsafe thing.   Then people who want that can turn it on.
>Definitely it should not be default on.

I'd be fine with that. I have to set site options anyway.

Alrighty then,


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