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Re: OK to import wip/scalapack?

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

> Am 28. Juli 2022 23:49:04 MESZ schrieb Jason Bacon <>:
>>On 7/27/22 04:53, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
>>-- Found MPI_C: /usr/lib/ (found version "3.1")
>>-- Checking for module 'mpi-fort'
>>--   Package 'mpi-fort', required by 'virtual:world', not found
>>-- Could NOT find MPI_Fortran (missing: 
> We've been discussing this off-list already. Issues:

I also tried to build, and found that it did not, and said I didn't
think it was ok to import something that was just going to fail in the
default config.

> - CMake ships a FindMPI.cmake that does rubbish with mpi-ch vs. openmpi ( is _not_

> - Fortran MPI is a requirement and the f90 option in openmpi is not default.

Since I wouldn't understand that phrasing without the offlist

  Almost everybody who wants MPI is going to want to do MPI things in
  Fortran, or if not they almost certainly want Fortran otherwise.

> - MPI libraries in pkgsrc are ancient, outdated. We need someone who actually uses them, ideally, to update and test.
> I provide MPI with the compiler toolchain on my HPC systems. So  the neglected state of  MPI packages went past me.

> The config that should work is
> - MPI_TYPE=openmpi
> - PKG_OPTIONS.openmpi=f90
> There's fixup needed ... uncovered by my attempt with scalapack.

(And, I don't really understand any of the MPI details.)

So besides maybe asking scalapack to change to autoconf :-), it seems a
way forward is:

  0) async: Find people that care about MPI in pkgsrc and get them to
  update the various packages.  openmpi is at 1.10.7 released in 2018
  but upstream is at 4.1.4.  mpi-ch is at 3.2.1 release in 2017 and
  upstream is at 4.0.2.  Overall the situation is very NetBSD 8 :-)

  1) probably: Fix the cmake stuff so scalapack builds with mpi-ch.

  2) probably: Default-on the f90 option to openmpi, pausing to
  modernize the Fortran mk usage (from asking for gcc47).

  3) probably: Default-on the f90 option to mpi-ch.

  4) Think about mpi-ch and openmpi and which should be the default,
  assuming both are up-to-date.  I am not really comfortable flipping
  because of cmake breakage unless it is truly a tough call which one is
  better for users.

Is anybody out there using mpi from pkgsrc?

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