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jpeg buildlinking mystery

I have a netbsd-9 amd64 system on which I build packages from the stable
branch, for use on other systems.  I am using pkg_rr to update to each
new branch and pick up scurity updates.  My build was using the default
jpeg, but I decided I wanted libjpeg-turbo.

To effect this, I set

  JPEG_DEFAULT=                   libjpeg-turbo

and then did "pkg_info jpeg" to see what depended on it, and found only
tiff.  So I did "pkg_delete -f jpeg" and then did "make replace" in
tiff.  ldd on tiff libs and bins showed it linking against libjpeg.8,
and everything seemed fine.

I then went to check things that depended on tiff.   The lack of other
things depending on jpeg directly seemed odd to me, but tiff's pkgconfig
doesn't declare jpeg as a dependency.

Various things actually did link with jpeg, and had a broken reference
to libjpeg.9, e.g /usr/pkg/bin/dwebp.  Building libwebp, I see that it
includes mk/, and the build log shows the type.
libjpeg-turbo is buildlinked in, but it does not show up as a
dependency in the package.

If I turn off the tiff option, then libjpeg-turbo is still buildlinked
in, but now it is a dependency.

So, obviously I have to rebuild everything that should depend on
libjpeg-turbo but does not, but why is the jpeg bl3 not recording a

Could this be a general bug where including a bl3 file that has
previously been recursively included doesn't record a dependency?
Other ideas?

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