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I'd like to clarify the status of Beer-Ware licensing. Right now, a
file for it exists in /licenses, without the "-license" suffix,
implying (per what's stated in mk/ it's considered FOSS and
so should probably be included in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES. I see
it's considered such by Debian, which is one of the other standards
referenced. (It's also included in the NetBSD src tree as though it's
compatible with BSD, e.g., src/lib/libc/hash/hashhl.c.)

Perhaps this simply hasn't come up before because there are so few
packages that use it. (I see the original one that spurred its addition
later changed to MIT, and there are only two at present with this
attribution, though there should probably be one more, and there's at
least one queued in wip.)

Any objections to making it default acceptable?



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