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Re: Qt6

pin <> writes:

> Almost one year ago, I posted here requesting the merge of Qt6.
> Qt6 has been kept, more or less up-to-date in wip, thanks to nros@
> I don't know if the issues with building on MacOS, that were an issue
> then, are still an issue today, I don't own any apple hardware to
> test.  But, today I came across the first package that no longer
> builds with Qt5, the number should just grow in the coming months.
> Can we import Qt6 into the main branch now and try to fix potential
> issues along the way? I think this is better than lagging behind and
> have a lot of catch-up to do later.

If you mean:

  qt6 in wip meets pkgsrc standards, more or less (not about if it is
  troubled on mac)

  it's pkglint clean, more or less

  once added to pkgsrc, packages can depend on qt5 or qt6 and all can

then I don't see any procedure/rules stopping you from doing adding the
packages if you want to do so.  I also don't see any reason why I think
you shouldn't.

If you mean something else, I didn't understand....

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